Golden Coffee Marble 60x60x1.5cm

Posted on: 15/06/2022

Golden Coffee Marble 60x60x1.5cm is a beautiful Vietnamese marble with brown veins and unusual patterns. It is one of the most unique natural stones for projects that are ancient but equally elegant and luxurious.

Golden Coffee Marble 60x60x1.5cm

This stone has a beautiful appearance due to its white cloud background and erratic brown veins. One of the most appealing elements of natural stone is the unique look of each individual piece. Different veins, colorants, and surface patterns.

Golden Coffee Marble has high strength and heat resistance. It is easy to install and maintain like other marble. Many customers recommend these products widely due to their rich class, consistency, and attractive appearance. They are also available to us in modified ranges and conditions.

Rainforest Marble Tile| 1.2cm Thickness is a type of Vietnamese marble that you can use for any project with minimalism, dark background, and a reasonable price.

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