Posted on: 15/03/2023

Transform your home and outdoor spaces with beautiful Pure Grey Marble – a hot new item from An Son Corporation. These pieces are processed from the natural marble of Tu Loc’s quarries



Color: Pure Grey

Vein: No vein


Sandblasted – Textured surface and non-slippery.
Honed – Smooth surface with light polished
Tumbled – Smooth surface with tumbled edges
Antique – Antique and smooth surface with tumbled edges
Raw – Rough cut


grey marble tiles size


Our products have all the outstanding advantages of high-quality natural marble stone.

1. Enduring along with the time

The oldest human-built structures still standing on Earth are made of stone. And marble is one of the most durable stones. With great strength and high hardness, the natural Pure Grey layer is lifetime good protection for your home and your family.

2. Resistant to inclement weather

Natural marble is a good insulation material, so the marble tiling surface is hardly deformed regardless of the weather and requires very little maintenance.

A Pure Grey Marble layer keeps the indoor temperature at a stable level through the seasons. Cool in summer and winter will be warmer. For outdoor spaces, you can have a beautiful, long-lasting surface without having to worry about wind, rain, snow, and sun damaging it.

3. Waterproof material

Waterproof, no moisture, no mold. So your living space is always airy, dry, and clean.

4. High and clean energy

Tu Loc’quarries are known for clean stone, with no impurities. From the Eastern point of view, natural marble has a process of accumulating the energy of the earth and sky over thousands of years. So Pure Grey Marble are very beneficial for human health, spirit, and energy.


Pure Grey Marble has a neutral color that will bring elegance, sophistication, and a close-to-natural feeling to any space.

Suitable for a variety of spaces, especially common living spaces, or outdoor spaces like the hallway, porch, garden, swimming pool,  driveway, walkway, etc. Our products will provide a safe, bright, pleasant, full-of-energy atmosphere for you and your family.

Plant some trees and pave your garden with An Son Corporation’s Pure Grey Marble is a great idea for a relaxing space for you and your family.

Whether you’re looking for a timeless look or a modern touch, Pure Grey stone is the perfect choice for your project!

Don’t hesitate to contact us here to enjoy the beauty of Pure Grey stone today!


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