White Wood Gray Vein Marble

Posted on: 15/06/2022

A pretty perfect choice for your project – White Wood Gray Vein Marble



The reason we should try once

White Wood Gray Vein Marble has natural wood textures, and elegant tones and is available in bulk from our quarries. It is gray, silvery-white, a fine stone, with a rather high economic value.

Wooden white marble has the characteristics of color stability, clear and beautiful veins, no radiation; Elegant and noble to decorate the building.

Like most marbles, they are natural and imperfect, with more or less gray crystal lines running.
However, our polished surface has a certain amount of beauty to it.

The size we can supply depends on your needs, product thickness can range from 1.2cm to 2cm. If you do not want a surface with only one main color, try the White Wood Gray Vein product. The product will bring a new look to the space of houses, luxurious architectural works such as restaurants, hotels, villas, ..

The most popular option for marble flooring comes with a high-gloss appearance, achieved by grinding the surface with a stone-polishing machine.
Polishing marble brings out the veining in the stone and gives the floor a radiant, luxurious look.
A sleek, polished marble stays cool and temperature controlled – a surface perfect for rolling dough and creating delicate pastries

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